SEO Audit

How We Do Website SEO Audits

Our audits are intensive and designed to provide all the information you need to rank your website

Detailed Keyword Analysis

We discover the main driving SEO keywords for your page ranks. We also find the most profitable keywords and keyword opportunities for your website.  Additionally, we highlight keywords your competitors are ranking for.

Competitor Analysis

We do not encourage following in a competitors foot steps.  Competitor SEO analysis is so important. Knowing more about your competitors strengths and weaknesses is a great advantage when formulating a marketing strategy

Technical Audit

We will find potential technical issues with your website. From coding errors to performance issues.

Website Structure Audit

We will analyze your websites structure and url hierarchy and make recommendations.

Detailed Onpage Analysis

We will analyze over 1000 onpage ranking factors per page and compare them against the top 100 serp results. We will find the main onpage driving factors using statistical analysis.

Backlink Analysis

We do a detailed analysis of your backlinks and your competitors backlinks.

We create SEO road map

A ton of data is great. However, it is not much good without a plan of how to action it. We create a detailed 3 stage action roadmap for your website that will get your website ranking much better.